Barndoor Strategy MD writes for Taiwan News – Now is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for Taiwan to build deeper ties with the west

Barndoor Strategy’s Managing Director, David Spencer, has written a column for Taiwan News, the premier source for English language news and current affairs in Taiwan.

In the article, David highlights the recent op-ed in french newspaper Le Monde in which a series of experts and senior politicians call on the EU to review and deepen relations with Taiwan.

This op-ed is the latest in series of developments which suggests that the western world is poised for a fundamental shift in its relations with Communist China.

In the UK, China’s illegal annexation of Hong Kong is forcing the UK Government’s hand and there is a growing clamour among politicians and the British people for the UK to distance itself from China with a much greater emphasis being placed on the regimes human rights atrocities, particularly against the Uighur Muslim population in East Turkestan/Xinjiang Province.

As David argues, this is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for Taiwan, as the regions most successful democracy, to assert its claim for greater recognition on the international stage. He makes the case that Taiwan is making all the right noises but needs to be bold in its ambitions and invest time and resources if it is going to capitalise on this opportunity.

You can read David’s full article here.

David is well-placed to address these issues. He has an International Relations Masters in small state foreign policy from Kings College, London and has advised politicians and companies around the world on these issues. David has spent some time living in Taiwan and he now heads up Barndoor Strategy’s International Trade & Diplomacy work.

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