Barndoor Strategy can support your organisation with the following services.

These can be provided individually or as part of an integrated programme:

Public Affairs

  • Take advantage of our networks decades of public aaffairs experiences to build and execute a detailed public affairs policy that delivers your strategic objectives.
  • Understand how current and future legislation will affect your legislation and how you can make your voice heard in Westminster.
  • Use our unique contacts into the new Conservative government to ensure your organisation’s message is heard by the people that matter.

Public Relations

  • Take advantage of our unique network to build a comprehensive and effective public relations strategy for less.
  • Use our contacts to get your voice heard by national, sectoral, and local media.
  • Build a detailed media strategy tailored to your specific needs.
  • Develop a social media strategy targeted at the people you want to reach.

Regulatory Affairs

  • Take advantage of our expertise to navigate complex regulatory environments and reach the people you need to.
  • Learn how to work with regulatory at both an operational and policy level to your advantage.
  • Use our expertise to help shape the regulatory environment your organisation operates in.


  • Use our digital specialists to hone your online and social media presence in line with your broader strategy.
  • Develop digital and audio-visual content to support your wider public affairs and public relations strategies.
  • Make the most of your digital budget with our cost-effective digital solutions.


  • Our comprehensive research and intelligence service means you can be the first to know about information that can give your organisation the edge over its competitors.
  • Our individually tailored parliamentary, media, and social media monitoring means that you will never miss the latest development.
  • Use us to stay on top of the latest legislative and regulatory developments.
Personal Public Affairs

Personal Public Affairs

  • A unique programme of political, media, and training opportunities tailored for business leaders, bankers and HNWIs
  • Exclusive training opportunities with the UK’s top political and media coaches.
  • Networking opportunities at all political levels.
  • Advice and support with public appointments and titles
  • Become a public voice on the issues that matter to you
Party Conference Fringe

Training & Executive Coaching

  • Use our unique in-house training and coaching service to hone your skills.
  • Polish up your media and interview skills
  • Learn how to make the most of a Select Committee appearance and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Keen to run for public office – we can provide your with all the skills you need to get elected.