Inaugural Report of Taiwan Policy Centre published

Barndoor Strategy’s Managing Director, David Spencer, is also the CEO of the Taiwan Policy Centre, a new not-for-profit research and advocacy group that will be working hard to encourage the UK Government to deepen relations with Taiwan and takes all necessary steps to protect the freedoms and democracy enjoyed by the 23 million Taiwanese people.

The Taiwan Policy Centre has today published its inaugural report, Ukraine Today, Taiwan Tomorrow? which examines the risks Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could pose for Taiwan, dispels some of the careless comparisons that have been made by commentators and in the media, and makes a series of recommendations about the UK, and its allies, can help to secure Taiwan and boost diplomatic and trading relations.

The report highlights the very different situations in Ukraine and Taiwan and how many of the recent comparisons have been based on limited understanding and false assumptions. However, there is no question that there are lessons to be learnt.

It recommends that the UK Government should work with allies to start providing Taiwan with both the military hardware and asymmetric warfare tools it needs now.

It also concludes that UK’s policy of strategic ambiguity towards Taiwan is no longer practical, and urges the UK Government to work with allies and state clearly what their response to an invasion of Taiwan will be, both militarily and economically.

The report concludes that the UK needs its own Taiwan Relations Act to put the UKs relationship on a par with the US and states that Ministerial visits in both directions should begin immediately.

It is also notes the importance of Taiwan’s population of 23 million people being properly represented in global organisations and says now is the time for concrete actions to secure meaningful representation for Taiwan at the UN and other such bodies.

Commenting as the Chief Executive of the Taiwan Policy Centre, David Spencer, said:

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has focused people’s attention on the threat China poses to the freedom and democracy of Taiwan and its 23 million people like never before.

“The current UK Government has been outspoken in its ambition to support these values around the world, yet on the future of Taiwan, it has remained strangely quiet. It is time for that to change, and in this report, we have suggested a number of sensible ways that could be achieved.

“The UK cannot tiptoe around anymore. The time has come to let the world see how much the UK values our friendship with Taiwan and how committed we really are to ensuring their ongoing freedom.”

Former Government Minister Lord Bethell, who provided the Foreword for this report, added:

“This report provides a helpful action list of sensible and proportionate recommendations for the UK and Taiwan governments.

“It makes it clear that our governments should work much closer together, UK diplomatic efforts should be more emphatic, and we should offer proactive support to rebalance the military equation over the Taiwan Strait and deter military adventurism or invasion.

“I hope the UK Government will take heed of these and begin work now to build closer ties with Taiwan, work with allies to provide the Taiwanese Government with the tools it needs to defend itself and make it abundantly clear to the People’s Republic of China leadership that any invasion of Taiwan will entail significant and lasting damage in both economic and military terms.”

You can learn more about the Taiwan Policy Centre and read its inaugural report, Ukraine Today, Taiwan Tomorrow? on its website at