How customs reform could rebuild Britain

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Barndoor Director Chris Alley sets out how free ports could revolutionise trade and manufacturing in the UK For thirty years Britain staggered on after the war.  The “sick man of Europe” weighed down by militant unions, rampant inflation and obsolete business practices, Britain was locked into a spiral of decline. At its zenith the dead […]

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Can a conservative defeat Sadiq Khan

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London is now over half way through Sadiq Khan’s term of office. The months have flown by, the Mayor has racked up lots of photo opportunities with celebrities but his record looks less glamorous. Transport for London struggles with a deficit caused by falling passenger numbers and an ill- considered fares freeze. Housebuilding figures remain […]

Regardless of Brexit, Britain must escape Europe’s decline with a maritime commitment to Asia

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With EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier reportedly driving a hard bargain, Brexit will likely consume Westminster’s attention for some time, leave hard feelings on both sides of the Channel and trigger Britain’s geopolitical drift away from the Continent with no clear political and geographic aim in sight to date. That aim should be Asia with its steep […]


The UK resurgence East of Suez

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Without question the UK withdrawing from the EU will fundamentally impact UK foreign, defence and economic policy. The question is, now that the UK has broken away from the EU how will this policy shift manifest itself? Well it is quickly looking like a pivot to the East, the UK is looking to reassert itself […]

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Is the Royal Navy ready for Brexit?

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Brexit is propelling the United Kingdom like a torpedo out into uncharted waters. The world, as most would agree is an increasingly unstable place. Smouldering conflicts in the Middle East, Russian expansionism, China’s imperial ambitions in the South China Sea and elsewhere; coupled with President Trump’s America First doctrine, we could see a myriad of […]

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Time to seize the pen on Brexit

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There may still be dispute around the precise date; but it seems clear that the UK will be independent of the EU at the end of March 2019 – in less than 500 days.   The clock is ticking and it is ticking fast.  Every aspect of the way we travel, trade and comply with EU […]