Strong candidate CVs are important

As well as Mock Interviews, I also review application forms and Candidate CVs for my Clients.

A strong candidate CV is vital because it gets you through the door of the interview room. With hundreds of applicants for safe seats your 3 page document really needs to stand out from the pack. It must convey your key strengths and valuable experience as well as any positive endorsements – all in a way that encourages the shortlisters to read the whole thing rather than skipping sections. You have limited space so use it well.

But many candidates fail to consider that the CV will also be presented to every person at the selection meeting. It’s the only on paper record they have of your achievements, so it needs to be easy to read. There should be no off putting blocks of text and the typeface should be large enough for older people or members with poor vision to be able to see.

Your CV will follow you through the interview process like a faithful puppy – so make sure it is properly house trained!

For a comprehensive review of your candidate CV please get in touch.