Havard Hughes

Founder & CEO of Barndoor Strategy

havard hughes

Barndoor Strategy CEO Havard Hughes is a leading public affairs practitioner and a former Deputy Chairman of the Association of Professional Political Consultants.  He has over 25 years’ experience and a successful track record of delivering policy change for household name organisations.

Moreover, Havard has worked with some of the UK’s most prominent politicians as a wide range of organisations from some of the UK’s largest companies to small charities.  He has extensive policy development experience and has provided senior strategic counsel to chief executives and boards on legislation, regulatory reform and crisis management.

Havard has exceptional cross party knowledge of UK politics at all levels, from local government to the corridors of Whitehall. He also has considerable expertise in dealing with regulatory bodies, which often generate the bulk of the rules that apply to businesses.

Areas of practice have included: financial services, FinTech, energy, infrastructure, hazardous substances, health, environment, trade, taxation, transport and constitutional affairs.