bank of england

Financial Services

  • Assisting clients in their engagements with Government, the Treasury, and other relevant departments and committees.
  • Advice on amending legislation and regulation – our team has a successful track record of amending UK financial services regulation.
  • Assisting clients in managing their relations with UK and international financial regulators.

International Trade & Diplomacy

  • Understand international trade policy at a government and regulatory level.
  • Navigate the complex to civil service bureaucracy to maximise your organisation’s opportunities in the post-Brexit world.
  • Use our Foreign Office contacts and knowledge to help your organisation make diplomatic progress.
  • Take advantage of our networks understanding of international trade policy and existing relationships with key officials.
  • Use our substantial experience in supply chain logistics, businesses, and commercial organisations to your benefit.
  • Take-on Brexit and Covid-19 face-on and make this challenge into an opportunity.

Tech & Cyber

  • Use our Tech, FinTech, and Cyber-Security experience to help shape effective regulatory and tech strategies for your organisation.
  • Learn how to use public affairs to make your emerging technology products and services a success.
  • Navigate and shape tech regulation to suit your needs.


  • With environmental policy spread across Whitehall, use our experience to target your public affairs strategy where they can achieve the most.
  • Learn how your environmentally-friendly business can benefit from the Government’s drive towards a low-carbon economy.
  • Our network boasts expertise on a wide range of environmental policy areas from the nuclear sector to recyclable materials, and the planning, public consultation and authorisation processes.

Defence & Security

  • Use our experience of advising governments, defence companies, and tech business of how the Government’s complex defence and security processes function.
  • Learn how to communicate about cyber-security and defence issues in a language government and civil servants can understand.
  • Take advantage of the current geo-political shifts against the Chinese Communist regime to position your business at the heart of the future UK tech and security agenda.