Roger Evans

Senior Counsel

Former Deputy Mayor of London and London Assembly Chair, Roger worked closely with Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson during a City Hall career spanning 16 years.  During his tenure Roger was responsible for building links to business, hosting major events in Trafalgar Square and deputising for the Mayor at key events.

He chaired the London Assembly, London’s tier of regional government, as well as serving on the police, transport and budget committees. From 2008 to 2011 he led the eleven strong Conservative Group at City Hall.

Roger led detailed reviews of cyber crime, technology in policing, flood risk and industrial relations on the transport network. He was also a member of London’s fire and police authorities. Prior to 2000, he served for twelve years as a Conservative Councillor at the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  Previously, Roger also served for eight years at Havering, where he Chaired the Planning Committee.

Roger is a member of the Middle Temple, having been called to The Bar in November 1997. He now provides communication coaching for candidates, politicians and senior managers and he is a sought after presenter at conferences and other events.

Areas of practice have included: cyber security, fintech, trade policy, planning, home affairs, transport, civil defence and constitutional affairs. 

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