Barndoor Strategy attends Labour Party Conference

After a long weekend in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference last time out, the Barndoor Strategy team descended on Liverpool this week for the Labour Party Conference.

It is fair to say that the mood here was a lot more upbeat. It was a sell-out event, with stories of Labour Members being unable to get tickets doing the rounds. The business events and exhibition halls were bustling with noticeably more delegates than we saw at the Conservative Conference the week before.

That being said, there were hints of complacency creeping in. Labour MInisters were clear that they had been briefed to say nothing controversial, but more than a couple were talking about ‘when they are in power’ rather than if.

With the situation in Israel deteriorating following the horrific terrorist attack by Hamas, there were already signs of a split within the party on this critical issue. Labour remain ahead in the polls, but there is still plenty of time for them to damage themselves before Britain goes to the polls next year.

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