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A 21st Century Covid-proof agency proposition

Are you an experienced public affairs professional?  Do you want to embrace the 21st century post-COVID world of work?

If you’re based in the UK or beyond and running your own business or perhaps have taken time out for children or family and are considering setting up your own practice – get in touch.

Through the Barndoor Strategy hub, we hunt for new businesses together, which means that we can assist with marketing to potential clients and also facilitate entry into contracts that individual sole practitioners would be either unable or ineligible for on their own. 

We expect that our Senior Counsel will have other business or family interests and that their work with Barndoor Strategy will only form part of their portfolio of business activity.

As such there will be times when they are not available to work for Barndoor Strategy clients.  However, the collective will be there to make sure services are delivered rain or shine or whether you’re on holiday or dealing with family duties.  Therefore our Senior Counsel benefit from many of the advantages of being a sole trader while also having a wider team behind them which means they can always deliver for their clients. 

Work With Us

Barndoor Strategy is a network of senior public affairs and public policy professionals.  We’re from all manner of policy backgrounds and represent a diverse range of political viewpoints.  Many of our Senior Counsel have their own specialist businesses, but we work together at Barndoor Strategy to provide a full agency services. 

Not having bricks and mortar offices and not hiring junior staff straight out of parliament means that we can provide our clients with the highest level of advice from senior consultants at far lower cost than they would usually pay a typical London agency for junior executive support. 

If you want to find out how to get high-level public affairs support from a Covid-proof 21st Century agency and se how much we can shave off your public affairs costs, get in touch today.