Barndoor Strategy has been working with GoHenry to lobby for improved provision of financial education to young people in the UK for some time now.


Having met with the Chair of the Education Select Committee, Robin Walker MP, last summer, we were delighted that his Committee opted to hold an inquiry into Financial Education provision, and even more thrilled when Louise Hill, the Co-founder and CEO of GoHenry, was asked to give evidence.


Louise appeared before the Committee on 30th January alongside MyBnk, Young Enterprise UK, Association for Citizenship Teaching, PSHE Association, Santander and the NAHT.


She shared the views of GoHenry about how financial education could play a more prominent role in schools. Her recommendations include:


  • Financial education needs to be taught from primary school age as that’s when it’s proven to have the biggest effect.
  • Teaching must be consistent to all young people regardless of the type of school they attend or the geographic and social background they come from.
  • Financial education needs to be statutory and have some form of assessment to ensure a level playing field for all children.


There was agreement among all witnesses that teachers are already under immense pressure to teach a wide range of subjects, so changes must also be made to ensure financial education is given the space it needs to make a lasting impact on all young people in schools.


There will be one more evidence session in early March before the Committee publishes it findings and, like our clients GoHenry, we are excited for their recommendations and what the future holds for financial education.


You can watch GoHenry Co-Founder and CEO Louise Hill’s appearance before the Education Select Committee here.