In an announcement that rather flew under the radar last week, given the focus on tackling with a global pandemic and with Brexit drawing ever closer, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping took to the (virtual) floor of the United Nations last week to announcement that the People’s Republic would be carbon neutral by 2060.

As Barndoor Strategy’s MD, David Spencer, has written in an op-ed this week, this claim is barely credible given China’s declining investment in renewables and their dramatic and ongoing increase in coal-fueled power stations.

Yet despite the obvious gap between Xi’s rhetoric and his actions, the announcement has been treated at face value by UK politicians including the Minister for International Environment, Lord (Zac) Goldsmith.

David digs down into this in more detail and suggests that too many people in the environment space will welcome what they want to hear without fact-checking or looking at the data and science behind the claims. You can read his full article here.

As Managing Director, David works with a number of different Barndoor Strategy clients on delivering environmental and sustainable public affairs programmes here in the UK and beyond

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