Time to seize the pen on Brexit

There may still be dispute around the precise date; but it seems clear that the UK will be independent of the EU at the end of March 2019 – in less than 500 days.   The clock is ticking and it is ticking fast.  Every aspect of the way we travel, trade and comply with EU rules and regulations is set to change – yet nothing is yet set in stone.

Parliament has this week started to debate the detail of the legislation that will take the UK out of the EU.  All the rules and regulations are up for discussion and debate in Parliament and also at an official level with government departments.  In short, everything about the way firms trade and do business is potentially up for grabs. 

Many firms may not even realise that they will be impacted by Brexit.  Therefore, there has never been a better time to conduct a Brexit audit and see how you might be affected.  For example, according to the NAO the number of customs declarations would increase from 55 million to 255 million every year.  This could cause chaos at ports and airports and for many firms that now work on a just-in-time basis.  Therefore, even if you don’t trade abroad yourself, your suppliers may find that they cannot source goods in the same way or with the same speed.

The flip side to this is that just as there are potential business risks, there are potentially major opportunities too for those who can exploit the changing landscape. 

With many of the laws and regulations that govern the way that business work being rewritten it is vital that firms have their say.  There is no point complaining about getting a bad deal from Brexit if you haven’t taken the opportunity to influence the debate now. 

You have less than 500 days to get your voice heard….

At Barndoor Strategy we are experts in public affairs with decades of experience of amending legislation and regulations.  We can help you to get your voice heard and to shape a Brexit that works for you.