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Barndoor Strategy – reshaping public affairs for the 21st century

At Barndoor Strategy, we’re not a traditional public affairs business.  Our Covid-proof business model is built around a lean digital network offering expert senior counsel to firms, individuals and other consultancies at extremely competitive prices.

Our focus is high-quality, value for money strategic support.  We don’t have expensive bricks and mortar offices or lavish entertainment budgets nor are we constrained by the London commuter belt.  Instead, we use 21st century communication tools to offer you the best possible advice on how to navigate the court of public opinion. This is delivered by senior experts with a proven track record of delivering for their clients.

Barndoor Strategy can help you tailor your message whether you are making a speech, seeking to amend the fine details of regulation, or engaging with government at the highest levels. 

We can help you your organisation whether it needs assistance with a one-off project, drafting a report or longer-term strategic or multi-disciplinary support.  All of this is available without the huge costs and overheads of a traditional consultancy or the need to take on staff to deliver your public policy agenda.

For more information about how we can help you, please get in touch.

Our Founders

Barndoor Strategy’s founders Havard and David met in 2008 while campaigning on Rt. Hon David Davis’ civil liberties by-election – a unique political campaign that bought together people from all political backgrounds to fight for a common goal; individual freedom.

Going on to work at a senior level in different areas of public policy on different sides of the world, they saw the potential to do things differently.  Working globally, they saw a role for a 21st century tech-enabled business based on expertise and not geography.

When clients employ public affairs professionals, they want results.  Too often what they get are large invoices to subsidise expensive London offices while junior staff deliver them a substandard service. We believe that you deserve better.

UK business and politics have evolved dramatically in the past few years. Over the course of three General Elections, a Brexit Referendum, and a global pandemic, we have seen the UK’s economy and political culture change beyond all recognition.

Barndoor Strategy is a business tailor-made for this new reality. Our aim is to deliver our clients a better service for less using a Covid-proof business model to ensure we are always there when you need us.  Our network of senior counsel, based right across the UK, have decades of experience in their chosen field of expertise.  Using their experience and modern technology, we work dynamically with them to ensure we always deliver the best for you.

Meet the Team

We have built up a trusted network of highly experienced public affairs consultants in the areas of Financial Services and FinTech, Defence and Cyber Security, Energy and Infrastructure and International Trade and Investment.
  • Havard Hughes

    Founder & CEO

    Barndoor Strategy CEO Havard Hughes is a leading public affairs practitioner and a former Deputy...

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  • David Spencer

    Managing Director

    David Spencer Managing Director As former Brexit Secretary Rt. Hon David Davis MP’s former Chief...

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  • Roger Evans

    Senior Counsel

    Former Deputy Mayor of London and London Assembly Chair, Roger worked closely with Conservative...

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  • Carys Davis

    Senior Counsel

    Carys has over 12 years of public affairs experience, across a wide range of sectors. She has particular...

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  • Peter Borthwick

    Senior Counsel

    Coming from a technology and communications background, Peter works with clients to launch and develop...

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  • Resham Kotecha

    Senior Counsel

    Resham Kotecha Senior Counsel, Barndoor Strategy. Biography: Resham has over a decade of experience...

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Our Clients

We work with a wide range of organisations in the UK and abroad. Some of our clients include:

Code of Conduct

Transparency and probity in public life is a vital part of our work.  We comply with UK lobbying legislation and you can read our Code of Conduct here.